“We have a fantastic worship service followed by a Corps BBQ.”

Bozeman, MT

“We had a great week! Starting with our youth Lock-in. Always a blessing to see our youth on fire for Christ. We had 55 in attendance from surrounding Corps. We recovered well in time for Sunday and enjoyed worshipping with God's beautiful people. ”

Pomona, CA

“We had a tremendous blessing this past Sunday. Sandra rededicated her life to the Lord. God is alive and active in our Corps.”

Oxnard/Port Hueneme, CA

“We have had another blessed week. As we looked at "Lables" and what they do to our heart. We also were able to award our youth with badges they earned while at SAY camp this summer. What a blessing it is to do God's work.”

Fountain Valley, CO

“We are proud to say that we now have a 5th generation Salvationist attending (officers among those past generations); Tami who has been living in the area having moved here from the mid-west. The Santa Clarita Mission Station currently has 6 soldiers who are enrolled at other corps but who partnering in the work here because they live in the Santa Clarita area. ”

Santa Clarita Service Extension, CA

“While walking to my car with my wife on a Wednesday evening, I noticed two young boys both 12 years of age rummaging through the donations. I asked the young boys what they were doing and they replied " we are looking for soccer gear". They began to share with me that they lived next to the corps, but had never come inside. I asked them to come by during the regular business hours so they can see for themselves what is goes on inside. These young boys returned to the corps and met the staff. They were delighted to see that we are starting an after school program, basketball gymnasium, indoor soccer and even more excited when we shared our plans of having Saturday programs. The two boys later wrote a letter to me saying how they were so happy to find a place that they can go in their community, where the people were nice. This was a great reminder of how we really need to have and continue stable youth programs. Steven Wimberly-Program Coordinator”

Compton, CA

“We meet Gabriel 4 weeks ago when he showed up at our mid-week Bible study and he hasn't missed a service since until last week when he flew home to Saint Louis. At the week's closing the new ministry plant in Santa Clarita received the following:Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Sir Gabriel arrived in St Louis on Tuesday and has connected up with The Salvation Army corps (Temple), his friend Darren, and a brand new initiative - the Urban Mission Center. He became interested in the UMC through conversations with Darren. We heard some of his story and look forward to getting to know him and to see what God has in store for his life. I understand you have started a corps there in his old neighborhood and would be interested in hearing more about it when you have some time. Sir Gabriel speaks highly of you both and the ministry you bring to the neighborhood. Let us know if we can be of service. Sincerely, Gail Aho, Major Divisional Secretary for Program”

Santa Clarita Service Extension, CA

“Service was great today. After service all families were given the opportunity to pick items from a generous donation we received from Wal-Mart earlier last week on Thursday. All families got to choose costumes for their children in preparation for our Harvest Party 2014 coming up. ”

Broomfield, CO

“We looked at some of Grace's proclamations this week which is at least helping Major Sabrina if no one else. Worship was sincere. The After School program is in full swing. The Boxing program is doing well. God is making a way in spite of all the junk that Satan keeps throwing at us; we are standing on I John 4:4.”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“Praise Lord for a very blessed Holiness Meeting. Lt. Colonel Zoilo Pardo visited us and he was able to pray for ten youth whom are receiving training to become Junior Soldiers . The message of Word of God challenged us to keep on sharing God's word on every time and every circumstance. To God Honor and Praise”

Santa Fe Springs, CA
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