“Praise Lord! We had a glorious holiness meeting on Sunday. Four people accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. We held CCM recognition service, and motivate others to join as new CCM members. We highlight the work of Delia Gutierrez who has been a faithful Senior Soldier for more than 25 years, Delia supports our ministry strongly through the CCM. At the end of our meeting we had a special lunch for Soldiers and Corps families.Glory be to God!”

Santa Fe Springs, CA

“At the close of our Sunday Service I was approached by Tom who had visited our Sunday meeting twice several weeks ago but who we had not seen since. Tom spoke of growing up in a local church and realizing as a child that God loved him and that Jesus Christ died for his sins. He told the story of how in his teens he walked away from all he believed into a life of sin. Tom then said, This morning as we sang, All That I Am I did what you suggested and made the words my prayer. I rejoiced with Tom in God who began a good work in him and is able to complete it. This Sunday God renewed His work were Tom had years ago walked away.”

Santa Clarita, CA

“The God of Miracles is at work at Tustin Ranch. Five seekers and lives being changed.”

Tustin Ranch, CA

“Great joy we saw in the week ending, where we could see the hand of God at work in each of our meetings, in the beginning of the year we can concentrate on a renewal of our desires and goals, to continue to be reinforced by the mercy of our God, these are our purposes and Santa Ana Temple must get that vision to continue the blessing of God, we see that our programs are a real impact for the church and for, the community and praying God will make this happen. God bless this glorious Army. ”

Santa Ana Temple, CA

“We had another great Worship Service! We appreciate the ministry of the Cadets. Thank you Wakatapu Brigade for leading an amazing service. Glad Major Nancy Helms could worship with us. We are happy that a new family came to visit. After service we walked around the neighborhood to hand out church information. Glory to God! ”

Pomona, CA

“We started this year with a blessing from God witch is rain but that did not stop us from serving God is good to all.”

Los Angeles Central, CA

“We were blessed to have a new brigade of Cadets lead our Worship meeting this past Sunday. ”

Whittier, CA
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