“It has been our joy to serve the Sheridan Corps this summer. Early on we had a fine young college student who has been attending our Sunday morning services and has volunteered often during the week. He told me last Sunday he would like to become a senior soldier. We leave in three weeks and new officers will be coming and have the joy of training and enrolling him. Sheridan Corps is alive and well and God has great things in store for Sheridan.”

Sheridan, WY

“The Lambuth Family Center is currently undergoing renovations in an effort to update the facility and make it a better shelter space for families who are in need. For the past few weeks The Salvation Army has been providing accommodations for the families, who were staying at The Lambuth Family Center, in a nearby hotel. The case managers have been working diligently and have been able to link those remaining families with other housing options. While the renovations are being completed, the staff will be working to update the program to provide services using current best practices.”

Lambuth Family Center, CO

“We had a family come into our social services, after helping we invited them to church. They came to church on Sunday, the father recommitted his life to Christ. The blessing of being in a smaller appointment is that we can spend more time with people we serve. ”

Saint George Outpost, UT

“We serve a mighty GOD who cares about all of our issues, even the minor ones. We received a phone call this week from a member who needed prayer to help find her misplaced purse, which contained all the information she needed for a medical appointment. Of course, we prayed with her. We had barely hung up when she called back letting us know she had located her purse. Yay! GOD!”

Angoon, AK

“The Salvation Army of Broomfield, Colorado rejoiced with Candidates Ezequiel and Katherine Hernandez upon their welcome at the Officer Training College in Crestmont as Messengers of the Kingdom. We were also thankful for Sr. Soldiers David Smith and Kyle Lewis who attended the FOF event this past weekend in pursuit of their desire to serve God in The Salvation Army. Those of us who gathered to worship at the corps on Sunday Morning, supported our officer candidates and FOF delegates in prayer. ”

Broomfield, CO

“Today we had a couple of new families come to the corps. Two of these children came to our music and drama class that started this week. We are excited to see our community grow.”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“we have an after school program where everyday we serve an average of 29 children, last Thursday there was a shoot out right after the kids were getting off from the school that we picked up kids from and right before the school went on Lock-down, Our kids were safe in our building and we were able to provide emotional support. our staff were shaken but able to continue with the program. Parents were very thankful that we are helping their children and to know that they have a safe place to be after school. ”

Denver Citadel, CO

“Great Sunday with two new families!”

Aurora, CO

“50 teens from Loveland Highs School had a good weekend. The teens had a lot of fun team building, talking, eating snacks and drinking coffee. Ready to start their school week.”

Camp High Peak, CO

“We were delighted this past Sunday to enroll two children as Junior Soldiers. A few weeks ago one of the little boys that was enrolled came up to me and said, "Captain Angela, I love Jesus and I want to be a Junior Soldier!". We praise God for the faithfulness of our children!”

Denver Centennial, CO
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