“We had 122 men from a church from Ft. Collins.”

Camp High Peak, CO

“God is working in big ways, bringing more and more families through the door. ”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“The Lord is good and His Mercies endureth forever!! While attending NOAC in Phoenix, I shared the gospel with two homeless men who gave their hearts to the Lord! After one of our evening meetings a girl singing outside the Convention Center was singing for donations. I asked to sing Amazing Grace with her which led to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with her. She too repeated the sinners prayer and came to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. God is Good!”

Murrieta, CA

“fed 72 people at first Baptist pat of homeless lunch program”

Butte Service Center, MT

“The Lord is Holy and worthy of our Praise!”

Salt Lake City, UT

“This past week Colorado State University students, city officials and Adv. Board members joined forces with other volunteers and staff to make hygiene bags for the homeless! It was an wonderful moment of sharing and demonstration of love for others for the glory of God!”

Fort Collins, CO

“The YPL group was very bless this past weekend, they had a great time with Bible Contest Party surprise. They were excited to share how much they have been learn the Bible. Home League had a great time doing CPR with a professional instructor from the Red Cross, the HL leader though that this will beneficial for that group to learn. The Holiness Mtg. was very blessed as well and a lot of the congregation came to the Altar to prayed and to made a new commitment in theirs lives. God is Good.”

Chula Vista, CA

“Divine Sunday was terrific. So proud of the 23 kids that participated!”

Casper, WY

“We had a wonderful Sunday! Major Keith spoke about the "Power of God" & how you should not be ashamed or be afraid of the gospel. Religiousness is something that you do over & over while Christianity is having a relationship with God. We need to do God's will all the time as the power of God brings us strength & the Bible is most powerful book. Our Corps is growing as the men from the ARC have been attending and they love it!”

Riverside, CA

“Gloria is fighting cancer and going through chemotherapy. In addition to her health problems, Gloria recently lost her housing, and it took a miracle for Gloria to find another place to live. Gloria received assistance with rent from The Salvation Army Loveland Service Center. Gina, one of the volunteers at the Center is an esthetician specializing in helping cancer patients; she offered Gloria her support and professional help. In her thank you card, Gloria wrote, "Your help really is appreciated. Thank you so much for being there at a time when everything in my world is so different. All things are possible through Christ Jesus who loves us!"”

Loveland Service Center, CO
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