“We held our monthly family potluck and had 7 new guests join us for our worship services. It's exciting to see the word get out about our ministries here in Pahrump! Some of our new volunteers in our food pantry ministry are GREAT at inviting others to the worship services on Sundays at 1 PM. God is blessing. ”

Pahrump Valley Service Center, NV

“Chapel this week was very interesting. Major Candi Frizzell cross referenced song "117 Oh Come Oh Come Immanuel" with scripture. It was interesting to hear what was happening during the time the song was written. The Music department under the direction of B/M Marlon 'Andy" Jones has been visiting several sites along with several musicians from the division playing Christmas carols at the kettles and special events.”

Southwest DHQ, AZ

“ This Sunday we had a great time at the church with new people who came into our service thanks to the Kettle Season. We were able to engage with Joe and his girlfriend. Joe is a veteran from the Air Force who recently lost his job and started to come into our service and now he is one of the faithful person in our Corps plus he is ringing bells. God is good and He continues working in this side of the world. We still giving the good fight in the spiritual environment as well within the secular world. Our people got discourage even during this time of the year as a comun thing but also people who do not know Him present resistance focusing in the secular and ignoring the true meaning of the season. I just pray that He will give us Strenght to finish well and give thanks and praises to Him. ”

Clovis, NM

“We had a great first Sunday of Advent.”

Aurora, CO

“3 people accepted Christ at Isaiah's Kitchen. Remember Francisco, Fabian and Mario in your prayers. However, Sunday attendance has been dropping, largely due to illnesses and family emergencies. Please keep our little Corps in prayer - we need dedicated people to help us spread the Gospel here.”

Hobbs, NM

“We celebrated the first week of Advent by lighting the candle of Hope for the world in God's plan for providing us a savior. In addition we also have hope in the return of Jesus again one day. We need to be prepared for when that day comes.”

Crossroads Center, CO

“Celebrate Recovery and the Sunday Corps family united on Friday to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season together. We may come from a varied array of backgrounds, life styles and choices. But one thing we have in common is the deep love of a Savior who came to give each and everyone of us Hope! Praise God! Our prayer is that everyone that comes within this building, or our influence in the community, can find this Hope that so eagerly is waiting to flood into their lives. Also, I enjoyed the row of small children that we kept having to keep quiet during the service. Praise God they are there. May they get how precious, purposeful and worthy their lives are because of Jesus. His Hope is for everyone!”

Phoenix Citadel, AZ

“Another full Christmas week! Our new Women's Book Club is a small but faithful group, and they have enjoyed an extra time of fellowship during this cold, dark season. We have started our Advent Series 'Twas the Night Before Christmas', using classic Christmas carols to consider the perspectives of those who were anticipating Christ's birth. Although we know many of our congregation leave for family this week, we are looking forward to celebrating with those who will be staying behind!”

Gateway, AK

“At the beginning of this week, bitter cold temperatures and snow were predicted for Saturday. We prayed everyday asking the Lord to please provide good weather. JESUS answered the prayers of many. We had good weather on Saturday and 58 volunteers ring for us. Glory to GOD! As a way of participating in the "I'll Fight Day," Broomfield Corps young people rang the bell to raise money for our Red Kettle Campaign. God is always good! ”

Broomfield, CO

“We're adding to our fellowship! Dwanah Tajalle joined us this week. She's been attending and also helps in our food distribution ministry. She knows the Lord and finds great blessings in helping others. Welcome Dwanah (also known as Dee)!”

Pahrump Valley Service Center, NV
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