“A Client said to me we, my family has gone thru many changes and we are very tight with our budget, my husband is going thru many immigration problems, and my daughter was just diagnosed with autism and that made me have to leave my job, not working will have a big impact on our family, but I need to take care of my children first and be there for our daughters therapy, thank you TSA for all you do and for listening I needed someone to talk to, thank you again.”

West Orange County Family Services, CA

“What a week in ministry at Inglewood Citadel Corps, many people served in the name of Christ Jesus. We were excited with our 25 Bikes for 25 Kids program that blessed children with bikes and gave encouragement for family time. A few of our congregation made it over to the ARC Convention Count ME In and it was a blessed time for them as they were able to share stories with others in recovery. What a blessed time!”

Inglewood, CA

“We were blessed to have our Youth Sunday yesterday during church. The kids began by leading us in our Call to Worship through the recitation of the 10 Commandments. Some also played in the band, played special music, were ushers when collecting the offering, and the Moonbeams even said their pledge and motto. Len Virtue then preached a sermon called "Do Your Best! Is God Satisfied?" and challenged us to strive to live lives that are holy. It was a great service as we worshiped the Lord with the ministry of our beautiful children!”

Mesa Citadel, AZ

“ This week I signed-up a woman for the Adopt-a-Family Christmas assistance program. She was recently separated from her spouse due to him being unfaithful. Her teen and preteen children are suffering emotionally from the split. As I did the intake for the program I could see tears welling up in her eyes. She began to share more about her story and the hurt she's experiencing. When I asked what she wanted for Christmas, she did not know what to say. She didn't want anything for herself only her children. As I gave her more time to think, the first thing she asked for was shoes that she could wear to work. As I listened to this woman I could only think of how selfless she was. She didn't have strong material wants for herself. It amazed me that she could be in such an impoverished state and not have a list of all the things she wished to have. This women has a tender and beautiful heart that everyone can learn from. ”

Anaheim Family Services, CA

“All we can say is that God is faithful and knows exactly what we need. We have been praying that God has individuals to our corps that are willing to work and be involved in God's ministry. This Sunday we had a family of six attend our worship meeting stating that they used to soldier at the El Centro Corps in California, but since they recently moved to Greeley are now looking to make our corps their home. We praise God for his mercy and grace. And for the Mora Family.”

Greeley, CO

“ Praise to the Lord !The Holy Spirit has moved among us in a special way during our Holiness meeting on Sunday. God continues to strengthen us to share the good news of Christ to our neighborhood. Also on Sunday 40 people enjoyed God's word, worshiping and fellowship during our CCM visitation to Riviera convalescent Center in the city of Pico Rivera.”

Santa Fe Springs, CA

“We had our Rally day today, and worshipped with visitors, some returning people and lots of kids. We had a pot luck following for 40 people and Senior Soldier class for 10 people who want to become Senior Soldier. It was a very exciting day!!”

Casper, WY

“Phoenix Central Corps is marching on; as we see our English speaking class growing, from 0 to 21 in attendance this past Sunday, not to us but to King Jesus be the glory, we have the burden to reach out to our community we serve, and share the Message of the Risen Savior. We pray that He put His passion in our hearts to reach the lost, and see new people, being transform into His image. New families are coming to our corps meetings, "To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever Amen" Jude 1:25 Pray for us as we pray for others corps that are engage in the salvation of souls.”

Phoenix Central, AZ

“When we entered the room we were strangers. When we left we were friends in the making. Last night we invited parents of our Creator's Corner Preschool to chat about what their needs were outside of the preschool and how the corps might be able to help. What came out was a need for mothers to meet together to from a women's "league" to have potlucks, share recipes, craft and do things for others. Hmmm...this sounds very familiar. Yes, a Women's Outreach group was born. The desire to have a casual Saturday worship was also presented. After hearing amazing testimonies we tried to end the meeting, but people continued to talk. God is at work here, we just have to get out of the way!”

Tustin Ranch, CA

“We are happy to have enrolled 4 new Senior Soldiers this past Sunday. Also the process of enrolling Soldiers made some newer church attenders excited about the next opportunity to enroll soldiers again. Looks like we will starting up classes again pretty soon.”

Cheyenne, WY
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