“On Saturday October 19 at the young adult retreat Jacqueline renewed her vows with God at the young adult retreat. It was amazing to see a reconcilation with our Lord. We know that God is doing awesome things in the Southeast Communities Corp youth.”

Southeast Communities, CA

“We had a great Sunday! We had our first classes for Sr Soldier and Jr Soldier training, which is exciting.”

Burbank, CA

“We had another good week of Christmas sign ups. We had a great Sunday Service worshipping with timbrels, shouting a praise and listening to a spirit filled message by Lt. Irene that helped lead one person to accept Jesus into their heart. To God be all the honor and glory! ”

Pomona, CA

“We praise God that in the absence of the Corps Officers(attended Micronesian Summit and Officers' Councils), the Corps programs on Sundays went very well and were handled by the Local Officers under the leadership of the Corps Sergeant Major Esmade Made. There were 70 in attendance at the Holiness Meeting and 60 at the Bible Study/Prayer Meeting on October 5. On October 12, there were 82 at the Holiness Meeting and 70 at the Bible Study/Prayer Meeting.”

Chuuk, FSM

“We had our final Holiness Meeting in the Park for the year and it was wonderful. We had 6 visitors and 2 of them commented that they had enjoyed the fellowship and acceptance from the church members and they will be returning. Praise God! That is the church's function: to love others and share with them that God loves them too!”

Santa Maria, CA

“This Sunday we were Blessed to have five new people join us for our Sunday School and the Holiness Meeting. Two of these people came from our Social services, one gentleman is a Soldier who had been gone for a few year and has gifting in teaching, the other couple are the president of the local Christian Motorcycle Association with gifting in music.We are being truly Blessed in our ministry in Clovis.”

Clovis, NM

“Excellent news: God working beautifully: on this occasion we would like to comment on the conversion of a young man who on, Tuesday attended to our Bible studies, his name is: young Walter who, from the first day, expressed a strong interest in the things that God was doing among us here in Santa Ana Corps. Since Walter has not stopped attending, for the second week of him being among us he made a decision for Christ, He is seen walking into the arms of Jesus doing all kinds of service that are required, without the need to be told. a very particular characteristic of Walter is that he went to the office to ask for flyers to do evangelism in the streets showing a strong gratitude for the salvation that God gave him through his son Jesus Christ, and has now decided to begin your plan of study within the Group of recruits who later graduated from soldiers. God bless the Salvation Army with more soldiers as Walter. ”

Santa Ana Temple, CA

“God is blessing Hollywood Temple. Aleluya. ”

Hollywood Temple, CA

“God continues to do good things in the community of San Luis Obispo.”

San Luis Obispo, CA

“Yesterday we celebrated Youth Sunday and had our young people participating in the morning worship service. Our theme was "Focusing on Jesus". They presented a scripture choral reading and special music. During our alter call, 5 of our young people went to the alter to pray and 1 adult went forward for salvation. During "Coffee With the Envoys" we enjoyed a great time of sharing our favorite Bible verses with each other. This prompted an impromptu testimony given by one of our Hospitality House residents that was very touching and encouraging. God is moving in the Tucson Temple Corps and we praise Him for what He is doing.”

Tucson Temple, AZ
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