“We had our annual Super Sunday event. This event helps people in our community learn more about our programs during the school year. This year Lt. Doug gave a short gospel message and 16 people were saved. We pray that this will feed into our troop programs. It was truly a fun time, and it was great seeing families have fun.”

Cheyenne, WY

“We had a wonderful Sunday in the Park this week. Our VBS kids performed the songs they had been working on all week and were graduated from VBS. My wife enrolled a Jr. Soldier, first Jr. Soldier enrollment for a few years, with the help of our DYSs Capts. Peter and Jan Pemberton. We finished the service with a BBQ lunch in the park. 31 is the largest Sunday attendance we have had since my wife and I were appointed to Bozeman. ”

Bozeman, MT

“We have been praying for new musicians, and lo and behold a pianist came to church on Sunday and played with the praise band. Glory to God!”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“We had an amazing week in Casper! Back to school shopping spree, back packs and school supplies, and a fantastic Sunday that included some new families from VBS and back to school assistance. God is good!”

Casper, WY

“665 total in the dress a child and tools for school programs plus 72 people with sack lunches in the homeless lunch program”

Butte Service Center, MT

“We are grateful to God and his faithfulness in the ministry here in Weld County. We are excited to see new people coming to Christ and his saving grace.”

Greeley, CO

“we had a group of 63 men from a local church.”

Camp High Peak, CO

“The two young new soldiers that were enrolled beat the odds. Where come from usually leads to a life of crime but, they have put their faith in Jesus instead of substances. Praise God!!”

Aurora, CO

“Alberto R. 31 years old, was a poly drug user and came here voluntarily because he knew that he needed and wanted to change. He is one of four children. His upbringing was horrible living with in "projects" housing, then loosing housing, then living with others, father in an out of prison and mother unreliable for almost everything. He sarted drinking at eight years old graduated to harder drugs while developing friendship[s with the wrong people. He knew God buthad turned his back on Him and and lost faith. Now after being here, his program, faith, and life have been completely turned because of his renewed relationship with God. It quite amazing how drastic. The enthuiasm and understanding he has for his future in recovery, being a man of God, being a blessings to others is a good indicator that he received what he came for. From dope fiend to a man who love God more that anything. That's what I call a miracle. Thanks!”

Sacramento ARC, CA

“Our Divisional Secretary came this last Sunday to our services and commented that our worship connected and wasn't just a performance. Our goal is that we want to encourage the congregation to enter the throne room and talk to God as they worship Him. He also was heartened that there are were ARP beneficiaries involved in the worship. I shared with him that only the drummer was currently in the program but the guitarist, the keyboardist, and the female singer were all graduates with 1 to 2+ years of sobriety and they help in Celebrate Recovery and the Wednesday night meetings as well. God is good, He is blessing.”

Grand Junction, CO
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