“One way we build spiritual bridges from the people we serve to our church ministry is through our Prayer Request Boxes. We place them in the Food Pantry, the church, and our Thrift store. I gather them and we have a season of Corps prayer during the Sunday morning service. We call them that next week, remind them we prayed for you and invite them to our church. We have seen the Lord do a wonderful work in these lives and truly answer prayers.”

Casper, WY

“We had a guest from the UK. Such a Blessing.”

Saint George Service Center, UT

“The Fearless Brigade led the Sunday morning Worship with 50 in attendance. Divisional leaders, Majors Mike and Cindy Dickinson were in attendance and Major Mike enrolled 2 Senior Soldiers: Monique Leyva and Dorothy Machida. Cadet Perfecta Weeden spoke and there were five seekers during the response time. Lunch followed with 32 attending. The Cadets also lead a worship meeting at the Denali Assistant Living Center with 35 in attendance. Cadet Stephen Hartt gave the devotion. Four people raised their hands for prayer, and the Cadets prayed with them. In the evening the CO's drove the Cadets and Captain Clarissa Ochoa on a tour. They saw part of the Alaska Pipe Line, several moose, and a distant glow of the Northern Lights. ”

Fairbanks, AK

“We have had 2 new families from the community join us for Worship on Sunday. ”

Fountain Valley, CO

“Fountain is continuing to reach out to the youth in our community. We have 7 youth who would like to take the Jr. solider classes, which will be starting next month. This is a great response from our youth.”

Fountain Valley, CO

“We had a client with a very specific need, but it was not the kind of service we normally provide assistance for, however not having a way to meet this need created a barrier to service for the family. A friend of the family wanted to help remove the barrier to service and wanted to help anonymously. They offered to fund the service but asked that The Salvation Army provide the service for the family. Captain Christin agreed to assist in this way to help remove the barrier. The donor was so grateful, they wrote an extra check to The Salvation Army Homer to be applied to its regular social services. It is truly a blessing to be able to serve and minister to our community and partner with individuals that want to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Homer, AK

“The weekly Wednesday Chapel was conducted by Jon Tollerud. He used scripture in Romans and talked about the fact that when you have credit you eventually need to make payments, but with spiritual credit there are no payments. He mentioned a couple of people in history who were credited for different things. During the chapel we sang 2 Sunday School Songs: 1) I'm In Right Out Right; and 2) Father Abraham, who is one of the people in history he used as an example. ”

Alaska DHQ, AK

“Last week for the first week in Lent, we took a departure from our 11 week sermon series on the doctrines to focus on connecting with our Heavenly Father on a deeper level through concentrated prayer. We changed up the usual process of worship. We had our prayer/praise time after the welcome and announcements followed by the offering. We had a call to worship and in place of a sermon, were self led through 6 prayer stations. Upon completing the prayer stations we shared in praise and worship together and Captain Christin closed with a short devotion, challenge, and benediction that prompted us all to draw closer to him as we look forward with anticipation to Christ's return. ”

Homer, AK

“We had a successful Community Care Ministry Sunday. Major Pam Markham assisted us with the enrollment of one Home League Member and three CCM members. Tokens of appreciation were given to active members. Major Pam gave a good message relating to the ministry of CCM. A lunch was held following the Sunday worship. A nice service was held at the Denali Center at 4:00. Those attending enjoyed singing. It was another great week in the Lord!”

Fairbanks, AK

“ On Thursday of last week we got word that the city was condemning a building that house 30 people. Lieutenant Dana and I began to mobilize an effort to at least provide a warming center for those residents that we're not able to find alternative housing. Volunteers from the community are helping with donations and time. So far we've had a total of 45 people over the weekend staying throughout the night. We've also had over 10 inches of snowfall over last night making it available for those that are unable to go to the downtown shelter. It's a lot of work to serve but it's a tremendous blessing to help someone in need. ”

Juneau, AK
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