“Lieutenant Juan Oregel gave an excellent message about "Somebody Is Praying For You." Pray for one another with a joyful heart and pray for the ones that mistreat you and pray for the sinners. Encourage & pray for each other. Believe that God s powerful and faithful and that He loves us so much! We are happy to have the ARC's men here in sharing in God's word.”

Riverside, CA

“We have been holding our annual Day Camp through the summer, and have talked and led many of our young people in accepting Jesus as their Savior. Feeling blessed and overjoyed at the impact our Day Camp staff have had on the lives of these young individuals.”

Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Center San Diego, CA

“We had visitors from DHQ Majors Darren and Mary Norton fellowshipped with our people and shared their testimonies with our congregation. ”

Barstow Service Center, CA
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