“We had a great day of worship with the DFS's, and two new family's came!!!!”

West Adams, CO

“This past Sunday we had the honor at the SLO Corps to have Captains Neil & Rubina Navarro and their family join us. Captain Neil brought the Word & the Holy Spirit moved in a very special way.”

San Luis Obispo, CA

“We had a beautiful Junior soldier enrollment this past week. General John Larsson enrolled his grandson, Aidan Larsson as a Junior Soldier.”

Torrance, CA

“This last Sunday we went to one of Compton's nursing homes and took Christmas gifts and hand made Christmas cards (cards and gifts were prepared by the Home League, CCM group, Men's club, and youth group). We went room to room for those who couldn't attend the service on the Multipurpose room at the nursing center. I had the privilige to hear the story of a man whose eyes opened wide when I told him that we were from The Salvation Army and we were coming to give him a gift and a Christmas card. He mentioned to me that he used to work several years ago as a bell ringer in Santa Monica and that the Salvation Army had helped him several times. We rejoiced to see how our visit brought nice memories to several people and how happy they felt with our visit. We gave out 140 christmas gifts and cards and 28 corps members went with the CCM group to help out!”

Compton, CA

“While talking to one of our bellringers we talked about the need for Christ in life. After a couple of days he accepted Christ and is now attending the corps.”

Sheridan, WY

“We lit the third candle of advent: the candle of joy/the pink candle/the different candle, and we focused on the song of Mary...a different song. Yet, God is not thrown by different; He still picks us even if we are different..thank goodness because I am pretty different! We had two seekers whom love the Lord at the altar. Many, many hours were spent on kettles and angel trees and preparing for distribution. God is making a way.”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“At this time of year I know that everyone in busy, but amazing things are happening in the Valley. For our Fill the Truck at Walmart, our former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger came and donated toys, We received over $5000 worth of toys, Amazing!!! God is so good, and I know he will provide for every Corps. ”

San Fernando Valley, CA

“We had another amazing weekend! Praise God! We visited a convalescent home and gave 69 scarves made by Home League members. The residents were overjoyed to receive their gifts and those of us who attended were blessed to see their reaction. We prayed for them and shared the love of God. We had a group of children who attended that were so excited giving out the gifts and visiting with the residents.”

San Pedro Temple, CA

“God is leasing Hollywood temple. ”

Hollywood Temple, CA

“Our Real Gift program was a gift to the community as the Senior & Junior Bands, Songsters, and Singing Company ministered in music and song. Justin and Suzanne became Jim and Della in the Gift of the Magi and told the story of giving from the heart. We entered into praise and worship under the leadership of Brian and eyes welled with tears as Nigel told the story of a mother's love. Merry Christmas to all!”

Tustin Ranch, CA
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