“Mr Dennis first time to our Corps was probably three weeks ago, he was invited by his brother to come to Sunday School. We are very happy that he has been coming for the past three weeks and has actually stayed to the Worship Service. It is a blessing for us to see Mr. Dennis every Sunday!”

Compton, CA

“Another great Sunday Worship. We were blessed to have a first time visitor at the altar doing business with God!”

Denver Centennial, CO

“It was a long day for Chrissy and Jenny, the Head Teacher and Director of the Creator's Corner Preschool. They were up at 5 a.m. to set up an informational booth at the Dino Dash 5K run. It was a great event with many young families. The were several requests about our Preschool, After School program, Jr. Band and music programs. In the evening the dynamic duo hosted the first Ladies' Night Out for preschool moms who wanted a way to meet together for fellowship. We each made a keychain and talked about life while enjoying a warm chili meal. A great ending to a busy day!”

Tustin Ranch, CA

“We partnered with a funeral home as they donated a casket. The condition of this was we had to talk about life after death, and Jesus. They drive a hard bargain... :) "The bait was set as we had 37 people give their lives to the Lord on Halloween night. We had roughly 250 people show up to "Night Of The Dead Living"! Families, Adults and Kids were dancing, jumping and worshiping God to Christian rap music by "Christ Gang". To God be the glory! ”

Aurora, CO

“The seed of God's love, forgiveness, and hope is being planted in the lives of all the people we meet. We pray that those seeds blossom to produce wonderful fruits. Please pray for our families here in Greeley, Colorado.”

Greeley, CO

“Another great Sunday, even with many out sick or out of town visiting relatives. When we are faithful He is faithful!”

Billings, MT

“We had a harvest party on October 31 where many received Christ for the first time. This last week we started intakes for Christmas Assistance and we surpassed last years goal by the second day. We pray we could supply our communities needs. ”

Broomfield, CO

“Estevan Manrin has been a valuable member of The L.A. Red Shield since the age of seven. Through his years here at the center, he has demonstrated his love for music. He has developed his music talent here at the center as he has been part of our music class. Now a softmore in High School, Estevan continues to show his love for music. He along with three other members were invited to be part of Mayor Gil Cedillo's music program at The Grammy Museum located in L.A Live. Estevan Marin graduated at the top of the class and now he is a intern at The Grammy Museum. ”

L.A. Red Shield Community Center, CA

“As is our custom, we began the Lord's Day praying for those in need of healing and help that we have met in recent times. As our Sunday meeting began, three people that we had prayed for earlier by name showed up. After the Holiness meeting we were able to give counsel and pray with each of them. One of these was a young man of 22 years old who fondly remembers the Salvation Army Corps in the Midwest that reached out and included him in its Sunday School and youth activities.”

Santa Clarita Service Extension, CA

“75 at CR 170 at Holiness Service 50 at Latono Ministries”

Long Beach Citadel, CA
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