“10 at thurs pm sober project”

Butte Service Center, MT

“We absolutly love our ARC Cottonwood Ladies. Two of them are currenty in soldiership classes. In addition, we have one gentleman that we have been mentoring thruogh our shelter in Soldiership class and he has just told me he is called to be an Officer.”

Aurora, CO

“We are continuing to reach out to our community and inviting them to our programs and service on Sundays. ”

Fountain Valley, CO

“We had 50 women for a retreat from an outside church.”

Camp High Peak, CO

“The Lord is good to us. 71 in Worship and 43 in Family service Worship Service. 112 in Friday night Cultural outreach.”

Salt Lake City, UT

“Our retired Major prayed with 2 people after Church.”

Billings, MT

“Two weeks ago we started a new dance group with the girls from the corps (6-17 years old) They already performed twice and the congregation loved it. During our Christmas Intake we distributed invitations to the group, four ladies showed up last Wednesday with their daughters. Every Wednesday night we have our "family night" program, so while the girls are practicing the moms are having a great time with us in our Home League meeting. Meanwhile Major Viquez and soldiers from the corps have a wonderful bible class with the rest of the kids. Our goal is to be an inspiration to our community.”

West Adams, CO

“We had our big Christmas intake this week signing up over 550 families. We invited each of them to worship with us, let's pray that God will bring in some families this Sunday!”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“In our Sunday Holiness Meeting we always have a time for testimonies. It is inspiring to hear how the Lord is working in the lives of those we serve. Especially inspiring is to hear our little children give testimony to the goodness of God and for the Salvation Army.”

Pueblo, CO
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