“We had a beautiful time of worship in Hilo. Seeing the age range from young to old in our little chapel is always beautiful. Afterward the fellowship continued at Lunch Bunch - joining each other at a local restaurant and enjoying a meal together. ”

Hilo Temple, HI

“We are starting an adult bible study this week. I am deteremined to have a number in the people saved spot.”

Lambuth Family Center, CO

“Week ending September 07, 2014 - We conducted Leadership training for 9 Local Officers in Wichap Outpost. The training was on corps program planning, Sunday School lesson preparation, and statistics records and attendance checking. There were 78 people on Sunday worship.”

Wichap Outpost, FSM

“Week ending September 07, 2014 - We had 98 in Prayer Meetings, 79 in Bible Study, 116 in Holiness Meeting, 96 in Sunday School children & adults, 26 in Home League, 11 in Men's Fellowship, 11 in Youth Group, and 51 in Junior Soldiers/Children's Meeting. There were a total of 37 seekers. We brought a baby to the hospital from Wichap Outpost suffering from serious case of malnutrition. His hands and feet were swollen and his skin was peeling. We praise and thank God for moving in the lives of the people in all activities held.”

Chuuk, FSM

“To kick off our Fall Ministry Programs, we held a dinner for our lay leaders and church volunteers - about 80 adults. The event was two-fold - to appreciate them and to challenge them - to go deeper in their walk with the Lord and deeper in their commitment to serve. We concluded the evening with a hand-washing ceremony as we sent them out to serve with clean hands and a pure heart. God is good!”

Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Center Hawaii, HI

“Lt Pembertons brought the word one Harbor light man came to know The Lord, and our very own accepted candidate was pinned.”

West Adams, CO

“When you go to visit someone in the hospital, you never know what to expect. We certainly did not expect what we encountered yesterday upon visiting Major Bob Gregory. Major Bob had emergency surgery in the morning and was dozing when Capt. Nigel and I arrived for a visit in the evening. He was a bit groggy, but recognized us right away and gave us a gentle smile. He told us of his adventure and the visitors who had stopped by during the day and easily transitioned into a time of encouragement FOR US! Major Bob is a man of God who speaks and lives God's love....even in the midst of a hospital bed with tubes, beeping machines, and residual pain....he was pastoring others.”

Tustin Ranch, CA

“What a blessing! we enrolled four new Jr. Soldiers. God continues working through the our weekly programs. We had opportunity to welcome new Jr Soldiers and their families during our Holiness Meeting on Sunday.”

Santa Fe Springs, CA

“God is blessing Hollywood Temple Corps”

Hollywood Temple, CA

“We have a fantastic worship service followed by a Corps BBQ.”

Bozeman, MT
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