“This Sunday we were Blessed to have five new people join us for our Sunday School and the Holiness Meeting. Two of these people came from our Social services, one gentleman is a Soldier who had been gone for a few year and has gifting in teaching, the other couple are the president of the local Christian Motorcycle Association with gifting in music.We are being truly Blessed in our ministry in Clovis.”

Clovis, NM

“We had a wonderful week with full of God's Grace. On Saturday morning 10/18/14 our CCM led volunteers to go out to clean and pick up trash on a busy street for about 2 hours. We had 20 volunteers come and assist in the work. It was a blessing to see that people from other churches who recognized our uniform to bring us something to drink the 85 degree heat. It was a blessing for us to do a small part to clean up the community that we live and will ring bells in. God is good!”

Tucson Korean, AZ

“We had a grand celebration to mark the enlistment of 7 new Junior Soldiers to the Santa Ana Temple Corps.We also had a big number of our troops transfer out to other troops. Our youth population continues to grow and mature, and it has shown it by deciding to take the next step in their Chirstian walk in becoming a soldier of not only The Salvation Army but most importantly of Jesus Christ. Our Decision Sunday service was full of blessing, many parents along with their children gave thanks to the Lord for the opportunity they had to be part of something big. It also encouraged other youth to be part of this great Army that we call The Salvation Army. We know that God will continue to bless and move at Santa Ana Temple in great ways. ”

Santa Ana Temple, CA

“A resident of the Haven program asked to speak to me in between groups that I facilitate at that program. He was concerned with the condition of his soul and his frequent relapses. We talked about the plan of salvation and he kneeled for the first time to accept Christ as his savior. We then spoke of next steps in his walk with the Lord and how growth in the faith can contribute to his ongoing sobriety.”

Bell Lighthouse, CA

“Praise Lord! God continues moving powerfully in our Corps. On Tuesday, three women who attended the first time, our WM meeting for women from community received Jesus as Lord and Savior. On Sunday after Holiness meeting a homeless-drunk man came to our Corps seeking for help. We were able to pray for him, we also have provided him a hot meal a Hygiene personal kit and a blanket. Actually we have felt God's grace in his smiling face and his voice saying thanks. What a wonderful blessing!”

Santa Fe Springs, CA

“The Denver Red Shield had its first annual WB (Worship & Basketball) Tournament. There were eight teams entered into the tournament including one from the ARC and one from the Harbor Light. Portland Moore Street and Santa Clara were the out of towners. The Red Shield had a team and there were three other local teams. Seth Franco, formerly of the Harlem Globe Trotters, was the special guest. Each evening there was worship, and Friday, Saturday, & Sunday there was a little bit of basketball played. This was our evangelistic campaign. God is good, and He was gracious in the weekend. Pictures and videoes will be available on the Denver Red Shield Facebook page in the near future. God is great, and we look forward to doing it all over again next October! ”

Denver Red Shield, CO

“ Praise to the Lord !The Holy Spirit has moved among us in a special way during our Holiness meeting on Sunday. God continues to strengthen us to share the good news of Christ to our neighborhood. Also on Sunday 40 people enjoyed God's word, worshiping and fellowship during our CCM visitation to Riviera convalescent Center in the city of Pico Rivera.”

Santa Fe Springs, CA

“Three of our soldiers attended the "Count Me In" conference. At the corps, Julia Kleemann shared a visual testimony of her experiences and blessings while serving with the Service Corps in the Marshall Islands.”

Whittier, CA

“We had a great Sunday! We had our first classes for Sr Soldier and Jr Soldier training, which is exciting.”

Burbank, CA

“Yesterday we celebrated Youth Sunday and had our young people participating in the morning worship service. Our theme was "Focusing on Jesus". They presented a scripture choral reading and special music. During our alter call, 5 of our young people went to the alter to pray and 1 adult went forward for salvation. During "Coffee With the Envoys" we enjoyed a great time of sharing our favorite Bible verses with each other. This prompted an impromptu testimony given by one of our Hospitality House residents that was very touching and encouraging. God is moving in the Tucson Temple Corps and we praise Him for what He is doing.”

Tucson Temple, AZ
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