“The Lord continues to bless. ”

Salt Lake City, UT

“Faithfull bearing with one another is what scripture calls us to do according to Colossians 3:12-17. All that we do, do it faithfully in the name of the Lord. Because there's One who see's it all.”

Crossroads Center, CO

“Our Jingle in July fundraiser has been a great success so far, and it has been wonderful to see the excitement of a number of our Corps members to participate. We are also excited about our summer attendance as traditionally many of our congregation are away. However, we are seeing great committment to Sunday morning worship and weekly programs. Our prayer is that this continued commitment would fuel spiritual growth, and strengthen friendships and relationships of those in our Corps family. We are thankful for their support during the three weeks Lt. Sam has been at Kings Lake Camp. ”

Gateway, AK

“We had a wonderful 4th of July with a number of our Corps folk joining us as we served a free BBQ. It was the perfect sunny day, and a great opportunity to meet and greet hundreds of people in our community. ”

Gateway, AK

“We had a wonderful Holiness meeting with Major Richard and Phyllis Pease. It was excellent to meet out new DS Denver. ”

Bozeman, MT

“Cadet Rosanna had a wonderful week spending time at camp and was impressed with the camp staff and their love and devotion to the kids' spiritual growth.”

Aurora, CO

“Wednesday was one of our favorite days in the village. On the 4th, the whole community comes together and there is food and fun games (mostly for the youth), a parade, and fireworks at midnight when it is dark enough. The MC of the event, as he always does, asked us to open the festivities in prayer, but he also asked for healing prayers, as there are so many recently in need. Commissioner Dave Hudson, when he was our Personnel Secretary, told us at an Officers Councils that we are the pastors at large for those in our communities that don't attend a church. The MC does not attend, but he always calls us "our pastors". What a privilege to serve in this wonderful place.”

Angoon, AK

“Enjoyed fellowship with our friends from Thorn Bay. ”

Wrangell, AK

“A young man of sixteen years old who attended music camp at High Peak to learn guitar participated in the worship service with the praise team on Sunday. He attended the practice on Friday evening to prepare for the Sunday Worship. He did well. ”

Broomfield, CO

“This week was spent preparing for VBS. For the first time in the five years we have been here, we have several people from the congregation assisting in some capacity with this program.”

Angoon, AK
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